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We aim to ensure that job requirements and job selection criteria are clear and based only what is required to get the job done effectively. We will avoid making stereotypical assumptions based on protected characteristics about who is able to do a particular job.
We aim to ensure that no job applicant is placed at a disadvantage by practices or requirements which disproportionately disadvantage protected groups and which are not justified by the demands of the job.
For all jobs, we will draw up a clear and accurate job description and person specification to ensure that we remain focused on what the job involves and the skills, experience and qualifications which are relevant and necessary to do the job. Depending upon the skills required for the job, recruitment shall be aimed at as wide a group of suitably qualified and experienced people as possible and each candidate will be considered on his/her merits, experience and suitability for the post.
Shortlisting for interview will be done by two people using a pre-agreed marking system that is applied fairly and consistently to all applicants. If we hold interviews, we will try to ensure that more than one person conducts them to ensure that we avoid unintentional bias. Where appropriate and possible, selection panels will include a balance of gender and ethnic dimension. We will not ask for personal or irrelevant information on application forms or in interviews. We will focus instead on whether someone has the relevant skills, qualities and experience to do the job. As posts become vacant the Head of Department concerned will
review the area of work in conjunction with the Administration Team.
Where a job description already exists, it will be reviewed in light of the vacancy and to ensure that it contains no indirect discrimination. Any changes are to be agreed with the Administration Team. Candidates for interview will receive copies of job descriptions and information on the Company. The Company aims to encourage applications from and training opportunities for people from underrepresented groups in the community. Forsome recruitment and promotion exercises we may take positive action to address under-representation in our workforce by encouraging applications from people from certain under-represented groups. For example, we may target our advertising towards particular groups, we might hold open days, work shadowing opportunities targeted at particular groups or we might provide training for particular groups to prepare them for promotion. However, we will ultimately make recruitment and promotion decisions on merit and not on the basis of protected characteristics. All those involved in the interviewing procedure will be made fully aware of the Company’s Equal Opportunities Policy. Recruitment procedures shall be regularly monitored and modified to ensure that individuals are selected on the basis of their merits, experience and suitability for the post.

Initiative by: Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres

Status: Ongoing

Type: Recruitment

Date added: 14 October 2022

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