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New Pathways – eStage

Prior to COVID-19 eStage was about to begin trialling a new Production Manager development scheme. The goal of the scheme was to (in the first stages) take people from inside the industry and give them the tools to be a Production Manager through a combination of office-based learning, practical experience, and on-the-job mentoring. We were working with Tiata Fahodzi to identify how we can use this programme to support more diversity in the industry through targeted interventions. We were also in conversation with theatres to provide financial support for the programme to both participants and those providing the training (Contact/Lead – Dan Gosselin,

eStage is also developing an overarching strategy to support freelancers across the industry better, by implementing new polices for all the shows we work on. These include a pay guide for all producers for staff, a welfare policy to protect freelancers from being overworked, and improving mental health support. This new policy is still in development but we are keen to work with others to shape this as it develops. As a business we see our key asset being our client base, we believe that we are in a unique position to begin to implement better working practices across the smaller and mid-scale industry that allows us to make things better for everyone who works under us.

Previously eStage has also been responsible for the Backstage Professional Development Conference. The conference focused on providing professional development and continued learning at all stages of backstage work. We wanted to make the conference an opportunity for professionals of all experience levels and skills to come together, share knowledge and discover new thing while making contacts and even friends. We hope to be able to bring this conference back when funding permits. (Contact/Lead – Dan Gosselin,

Initiative by: eStage

Status: Ongoing

Type: New pathways

Date added: 23 April 2021

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