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Do I have to pay to join?

Stage Sight is free to join. We simply ask that you agree to three essential commitments: Be open to enquires, share your learning and practise fair pay. We ask that you develop an initiative in at least one of three areas, Recruitment, Reaching Out and New Pathways. Find out more.

I am a small scale organisation. Is this relevant to us?

Stage Sight is an industry wide initiative. If we wish to make a significant change to the make up of our workforce, we will need to make practical changes across the industry. Whether you are a small scale organisation or a large scale organisation, your contribution is vital. See our existing members.

How often do meetings take place?

Stage Sight forums are held quarterly. Forums enable networking opportunities and provide an opportunity to share your learning with the industry. Find out when the next meeting is.

Is there any financial support for attending meetings?

We pay travel expenses for self-employed individuals attending Stage Sight member forums and other Stage Sight meetings. Please take a look at our expenses policy.

Can I financially contribute to Stage Sight?

Yes. Please contact us if you are able to make a financial contribution towards supporting the operational running of Stage Sight.

I’m not currently running any projects. Can I join?

You may be at the early stages of considering a project, or simply be looking for inspiration. We would ask that you take a look at what others are doing, and support the cause by exploring ways in which you could pilot a change to support the values of Stage Sight. You’re welcome to join; we’ll ask you to let us know what action you plan to take.

Is Stage Sight only for organisations?

Stage Sight is made up of individuals as well as organisations. You can see which individuals have already made a commitment to Stage Sight on our members page. Your contribution to Stage Sight as an individual is important to us.

What are the benefits of joining?

Over recent years there has been a focus on diversity. We simply believe that our industry should belong to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, class and disability. Stage Sight provides you with a supportive network and guidance to practically address the imbalance to make our off stage workforce more reflective of our society. Join us.

Does Stage Sight reach young people?

Stage Sight’s focus is on the organisations and individuals within the theatre industry working to improve representation of the off stage workforce. If you’re looking for opportunities for young people, please visit the Get Into Theatre website.

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